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Teak Drawer Pulls For Your Early Model Revcon

If you are lucky enough to own one of the early series Revcon motorhomes, you probably already know the frustration of those aged, broken plastic drawer pulls. Because they are recessed into the face of the drawers, you can't simply drop in new drawer handles. Yes, OEM replacements are available but who wants to replace broken plastic handles with new plastic handles? Why not upgrade to the handles your fine coach should have been equipped with from the factory?

Well, we can't blame Revcon. After all, CNC machine technology wasn't so affordable back in 1970 so the thought of putting a machined teak handle in each of your Revcon's drawers would have been unheard of—until now.

Here we introduce our maiden product: CNC machined Teak drawer pull replacements for the early 1970s Revcon. They are a drop-in replacement for your broken, faded plastic drawer pulls. You simply unscrew the broken handles and slip these beautiful teak replacements in their place. They are even pre-drilled to accept the factory retention screws. Installation takes just minutes and takes years off of your cabinetry.
They will drastically improve the appearance of your interior and were styled to blend with the rest of the coachwork. They are CNC machined from solid blocks of teak. After machining, they are oiled and hand buffed.
Because teak has to be special ordered and the dust makes such a mess out of our machinery, we are offering introductory pricing on these handles. We want to dirty the machine once and sell everybody a set. After the initial production run, the price goes up.

$15 Each plus $10 shipping anywhere in the US

We currently accept checks, money orders or PayPal checking account transfers as payment. We are unable to accept credit cards at this time. Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

To order, send an email with your mailing address, number of handles needed and how you would like to pay. If you are counting handles in your coach, don't forget the one under the refrigerator or the ones in the bathroom.

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The owner's 1973 Revcon 250D took 12 handles. A similar year 250DT will take 4 fewer handles because of the dresser-delete option. Count your drawers to be sure. 

Coming Soon:

Teak trimmed replacement latches for your hinged doors. And you were wondering  how you were going to fix those broken latches when your nice teak handles arrived, weren't you?

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/ Revcon Feature Page /

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