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Mission Statement?

Yeah, we dislike corporate double-talk like 'mission statement' and 'value stream mapping' but we need a goal right? You won't find 'Lean', TQM or ISO 9001 here. Quality is built in, not added on. The goal of Cifu Motorsports is to produce the things that we couldn't find for our own motorcycles. Hey, we wish somebody else made this stuff. If they did, we'd have regular jobs and would have more time to ride. Nobody else would do it so we had to. We could just make them for our bikes but chances are, if we want it, you might too.

At Cifu Motorsports, we apply 22 years of engineering and manufacturing experience to produce items previously unavailable to the average rider. Manufacturing technology has made huge advances in the past ten years and we use that to bring you parts that would have been too expensive to produce in the past.

How Do You Say "Cifu"?

"Chee-foo". It's Italian, like Acerbis, Puccini and Pacino.

Cifu Motorsports Home / Mission Statement

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